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I discovered yoga intuitively during my teenage years, I have been consciously and actively practicing it since 2008. Since 2014 as a teacher. Yoga helped me to find balance between work and personal life, gain the ability to manage my own energy, direct my emotions and increase physical strength and flexibility. I believe in the dynamics of the group, in enhancing the joint action of energy and the meditative effects of yoga, and that is why experiencing movement, breathing and relaxation with other people is a pleasure for me.

I continue further, never-ending self-education, both through my own practice and at courses organized by experienced Czech and foreign lecturers.

Composition of the lesson: introductory relaxation, pranayama, preparatory exercises, asana practice, final relaxation and a short meditation. I combine the lessons in warrior positions (standing) with elements of vinyasa. Individual sets of asanas are thus divided by the Chaturanga dandasana, Cobra and Roof (or Downward Dog) sequences.

Education / Specialization: Hatha Yoga Instructor

2014 – CZECH YOGA ASSOCIATION, o.s. – annual Accredited educational program of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Czech Republic (200 hours) – Yoga instructor with content:

    • Theory and philosophy of yoga
    • Yoga practice
    • Use of yoga knowledge in yoga practice
    • General part

2014 – Higher vocational school ČUS, s.r.o. – Scientific basis of sports training (50 hours) – License B trainers’ course in the scope of:

    • Sport pedagogy, sport psychology, coach’s personality
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Regeneration, nutrition, hygiene, anti-doping
    • Basics of sports training
    • Law and sport
    • First aid and traumatology

2022 – Hormonal Yoga by Dinah Rodrigues


I like to “practice” with you

Sincerely, Ilona Kubíčková